Frequently Asked Questions

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Class Policy Questions

What happens if my child has to miss a class?
Since our classes are usually full, we unfortunately are not able to offer any make-up classes. However, after you fill out an online form, we will email you the lesson and assignment that your child will miss.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
You may request a refund for your tuition if the session has not started. To cover credit card processing costs and opportunity costs of holding a class spot, we will deduct a cancellation fee (20% of each child’s full tuition) from your refund. Once a session begins, we do not offer any partial refunds, and you will have to forfeit the rest of your tuition.  

If I can't make it to an entire session (group of classes), can my tuition be credited towards a future session?
You may request a credit towards a future session. All credit requests must me made at least one week before a session begins. Once a session begins, we will not honor any refund or credit requests. Tuition credits will expire 6 months after the date of the request.

Do you allow schedule changes or class switches?
You may request for a schedule change at least one week before a session begins. If we have available spots in your desired new class, we may allow the change. Schedule change requests are not guaranteed. Once a session begins, switching classes will not be allowed, as we expect all our classes to be full.

Writing Class Questions

Can my child try a class?
Sure. You may sign up for one of our Drop-in Writing Classes. Around 90% of our Drop-in students end up enrolling for a full session.

Your classes have already begun. Can my child still join an ongoing session?
Yes. If our current class schedule shows any available spots, your child can join us during an ongoing session. Prorated rates are indicated on our website.  If the class is full, you can add your name to our wait list.

Will my child need to bring any materials?
No. We will provide all our materials in class.

Will my child have homework?
As constant practice is crucial, our students will be editing, revising, and typing the essay drafts that we write in class.  For 5th to 9th grade students, expect around 30 minutes of typing homework after each class.  For K, 1st to 4th grade students, homework is optional.

How do you address different skill levels and ages within the same class?
Our classes are small enough (7-9 students maximum) to allow for personalized feedback and instruction, regardless of grade level. For students that are at a higher grade and ability level, we set higher expectations and encourage more thoughtful content in their writing. In addition, all our instructional materials are age and grade level appropriate. 

Will my child get individual instruction during class?
Your child will receive individual instruction within the context of a small group. We give both verbal and written feedback on each piece of student writing.  If you are looking for more in-depth one-to-one instruction, please check out our One-to-one Tutoring page.

Online Writing Class Questions

How does your Online Writing Class work?
Our online classes are designed for students who are able to finish writing assignments independently. Through our essay portal, students download a model essay and complete the writing prompt. They then type and share their essay using Google Docs. They should expect to receive written feedback within a week, after which they can move on to the next assignment.

What will I need for this Online Writing Class?
You will need a computer with internet access and a Google account (Mail and Docs).

Are there deadlines for this class?
No. You may work at your own pace.

Tutoring Questions

Do you help students with diagnosed learning differences?
Yes. We have helped students with dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD, and other diagnosed learning differences. If your child has an IEP, 504 plan, or list of classroom accommodations, please contact us first so that we may determine what's best for the student.

How much does one-to-one tutoring cost? 
Our rates can be found on our one-to-one tutoring page.

How do I schedule one-to-one tutoring sessions?
One-to-one tutoring sessions are based on availability. Please contact us to check for openings.