Masterpiece Writing Program

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Confidence Building

Achievement leads to confidence. Students formulate writing goals and receive recognition when they are successful. They see their growing body of work and witness their improvement through achievement logs and online portfolios. Most importantly, they receive immediate teacher and peer feedback on their writing.

Model Centric

The heart of effective instruction is in modelling. Students learn best when they follow a structure and have access to concrete examples. Through these models, we show students how to organize their thoughts, focus their ideas, and elaborate an individual topics. After all, writers must develop the habit of beginning with the end in mind.

Project Based

Repetition leads to mastery. Each class is a self-contained writing project that focuses on one Common Core text type. Our students get the opportunity to plan, draft, edit, and publish an essay during every session. There’s no substitute for practice towards perfection.

Rapid Feedback

Students receive instant feedback, both verbal and written, from their peers and teacher. They then use this feedback to improve on their rough drafts.